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Create a memorable space for your little one

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Wall letters and accent pieces are a wonderful addition to your kids room or baby nursery. Our style is playful which allows our wooden letters to be used in many unique and personal ways such as spelling their traditional name or initials… or you can use these letters to place inspirational words or statements.

All letters have been stylized in a whimsical lowercase font. They come in high quality white that can simply be hung as is; or if you’re the creative type you can hand paint wall letters. The quickest way to customize the color is to spray paint these letters for a smooth look. We recommend Montana Spray Paint (see our photo example “Scott & Nick”), it is the best and easiest spray paint and comes with many, many shades of colors. You can get it from your local Aaron Brother store or order online.Another option is to use wall paint and a small brush.

Once you’ve settled on the name or phrase you want, why not embellish these letters with a nylon butterfly, nylon dragonfly or nylon flowers? These additions really contribute to the sweet, innocent and playful feel of your child’s room.

Perhaps you want to hang wooden wall letters with ribbon for flair. You can certainly do that using our wall letters (see our photo example “Magen”). Simply glue the ribbon to the back of each letter with hot glue gun, attach the letters to the wall with nail or screw by following the template that comes with the letter. We recommend grosgrain ribbon because its sturdy and textured material is a good match with the wooden wall letter.

To take your kiddos room the next level you may want to consider painting the wall with stripes or fun pattern before you hang the letters. For longer names or phrases arrange the letters tighter and not on even level. For Initials or short names for baby nursery or kids bedroom walls try adding a frame to “enlarge” the visual space.

The possibilities are endless. We would love for you to share your creations with us. Why not take a photo of your finished work and send it to us - we've love to see your creation. It will be great inspirationfor others looking for a new or innovative why to decorate a room. Sent photos to:

Be sure to watch our simple how to video to see how easy these letters are to install.