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   /       /    Girls Pink Princess Costume w/Cape Tiara & Wand

Girls Pink Princess Costume w/Cape Tiara & Wand

   /       /    Girls Pink Princess Costume w/Cape Tiara & Wand

Girls Pink Princess Costume w/Cape Tiara & Wand

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  • Every Little Girl's Dream Halloween Costume - Being an adorably glamorous princess on Halloween is a classic act! It's perfect for little girls who can't stand weird and creepy looks. Sure, most girls just like to be pretty, period!
  • Complete Set of Princess Outfit with Accessories: Wand, Tiara and Cape - Give her royal highness an unforgettable experience with our complete set of princess dress. Let her feel pretty and elegant just like a real royalty! It's a perfect birthday gift for little girls ages three, four, five and six who love pretend play - a great addition to her dress up trunk.
  • Floor-Length Satin Skirt with Elegant Cape - We know that kids, especially girls, love drama! Being on this long silk dress will transform her into her best-imagined character. And with a cape as a bonus, she'd absolutely be on cloud 9!
  • Superior Quality Silky Soft but Durable Material - Kids simply dread itchy dresses and costumes. We've seen it! We are parents too. The materials we use are premium to provide your child a comfortable feel to it. It is available for girls ages 3-6 in sizes: 3t, 4t, 5t and 6t. The dress runs true to its size.
  • She'll Love the Sparkling Sequin-Embellished Bodice - Sparkles on a girl's dress are like chocolate toppings, ice cream treat in a summer day, first puppy love's kiss, etc. You get it! Throw 'em some shiny awesomeness and they'd adore you! So yep, sequin top is absolutely a must!

She has been anticipating for this moment more than anything else in her young innocent life! For her, this dress has to be perfect or her chances of meeting the most esteemed, charming and dashing prince for sure is absolutely ruined forever. She must stand out among her squad! You know, this is serious business!

Don’t worry now! We got you!

We’ve got the complete and most adorable princess costume - a pretty pink princess dress that comes with a complete set of must-have accessories: WAND, TIARA and CAPE! She’ll love it! And she’ll definitely have a great regal time!

It features a floor-length satin skirt with an elegant cape. On top of that, we embellished the top with sparkling sequin.

We used premium quality silky satin that is very comfortable to the skin without causing dreadful itchiness even to your child's sensitive skin!

It is available in the following sizes:

    • Medium (3t and 4t): Toddlers ages 3-4
    • Large (5t and 6t): Girls ages 5-6

This is every girl’s dream Halloween costume!

Butterfly Craze is a trusted gift-ware and decorative accessory company dedicated to offering trendy, stylish and whimsical treasures for anyone young at heart!

Get yours now while supplies last!

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