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   /       /    Christmas Snowman Top hat Headband

Christmas Snowman Top hat Headband

   /       /    Christmas Snowman Top hat Headband

Christmas Snowman Top hat Headband

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  • Perfect Accessory to Complete Her Christmas Snowman Costume - Every outfit needs a final touch! Your girl will stand out in her holiday dance recital with our festive snow girl hat. It makes a great theme for your family Christmas photo or props to your baby girl’s milestones holiday photo-shoots!
  • Top it Off with Classy Sophisticated Head Dress - If you're ready to receive compliments, this top hat headband is made for you! Whether you go for a vintage Victorian look, masquerade queen or simply a head-turner 'it girl', you can't go wrong with a fascinating mini top hat!
  • Lightweight, Comfortable & Snug One Size Fits All - A lot of children will use it to complement their costumes for talent shows or school performances. We pride ourselves by providing ergonomic products. A hat's weight and tight band grip might cause headaches especially if used for long hours. We've tested our product and designed it to be lightweight and to have a snug comfortable fit to avoid any discomfort. The band adjusts to the head's size and shape.
  • Round Adorable Black Hat Fabric with Soft Edges Accented with Red Liner and a Mistletoe - Our hat is made of flexible and durable fabric that stays to its shape. It is festive with its red accent and that romantic mistletoe! Yep, you will never have to hunt for mistletoe again! Just watch out for those who might try to steal a kiss!
  • Comes with Black Headband Made of Premium Quality Bendable Material - You don't want your hat slipping off while you're on a dress. Nope, that'd be embarrassing and simply inconvenient. We want you to seize moments and just be your fabulous self! Our mini top hat comes with an equally elegant black band that complements it perfectly while keeping it in place!

Still looking for the perfect piece to top off your costume? Try our fascinator black top hat headband for an elegant and sophisticated look!

Be it on Halloween, a masquerade party or on Christmas as snowman, our mistletoe-accented mini top hat will make you stand out!

LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN. It comes with a flexible band that fits both kids and adults. Its band adjusts to the head’s size and shape. To avoid causing headaches, we designed and tested our product to be lightweight and to have a snug comfortable fit.

Butterfly Craze is a trusted gift-ware and decorative accessory company dedicated to offering trendy, stylish and whimsical treasures for anyone young at heart. Quality Assurance is one of our brand’s core priorities. Our top hat headband is of top-notch design and quality that will last for years!

Get yours now while supplies last!

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