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Hand Painted Wall Letters for Kids' Room Decor

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Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name?" When you think about it, one of the most important things we parents do is name our children. It will be their "tag" for an entire lifetime. It's the brand they'll carry from infancy all the way passed retirement. It's required for birth certificates, school enrollment, driver's licenses, marriage certificates, visas and passports, etc. Children's names are reflections of who they are. Why not proclaim their name to the world?
Any fairy godmother would give her seal of approval for this great nursery idea: Build your nursery decor around the name of your new little prince or princess with our wooden wall letters. These sturdy hanging wall letters will last a life time, unlike flimsy wall decals, plus, they're three dimensional. Here are just a few suggestions to dress them up:

*Spray paint our wooden wall letters.
*Hand paint or custom paint our wooden letters.
*Try wrapping ribbon around each letter for the perfect nursery wall decor.
*Leave them alone--as home decor, they're lovely on a painted wall or wallpaper.

*Our wall decor may be spray painted to correspond with the color scheme of your child's bedroom. It's fun and easy for a grown-up to do. All you need is a can of paint and a cardboard box! See Aimee's "how to" video link.

*Choose a paint color that will be a pleasant accent to your child's room color and decor. Hand paint each letter all the same color or change-up each letter. Use pastel colors for baby's nursery. Maybe try bold, primary colors for toddler's bedrooms. Or, if you're feeling really artsy, take a small paintbrush and paint lines, circles, small flowers, etc. The sky's the limit, plus, their wall art displays their name.

*Buy ribbon at any sewing, hobby, craft or department store. Wrap the ribbons around each letter, making them the perfect nursery wall decor.

*Use our wooden letters as-is, on a painted wall or wall paper. The clean lines and white font are extremely eye-catching.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our wooden letters for walls, they are our beautifully rounded, lower case, typeface collection. We're proud to say we are one of the few companies who have all twenty-six letters to offer. Each elegant, white letter is either 6" x 5" or 6" x 11", depending on extenders.

Go ahead, proclaim their name!