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Party Pom Poms

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When we were young girls, we loved pretending we were princesses or fairies. We're sure the times haven't changed so drastically that our daughters have stopped dreaming such magical happily-ever-afters! Why not give your little sprite a treasure she'll never forget--her own fairy/princess party, complete with our fairy/princess dresses and matching tulle pom-poms.

Our lively party pom-poms conveniently go from party decoration to room decor.

Unlike the flimsy tissue paper pom-poms, our tulle pom-poms won't fade, break and can last a lifetime! True, they are flat when we ship them, but they easily fluff up in a matter of minutes. Just hang each one from the included nylon string, pull the end of each layer tightly, in a sideways direction, fluff it up and voila--your lovely party pom-pom has blossomed!

They will easily add a whimsical touch to your fairy party or princess party and produce lasting, flights-of-fancy memories as they embellish her inspired fairy room or princess room! Our party pom-poms come in an array of beautiful colors, pink, hot pink, light pink, green and lavender. We would like to know other creative ways to decorate using our cheery tulle pom-poms. Share your ideas with us, as well as our readers! Dreams really do come true!